Broadly speaking, I am an energy geographer whose research focuses on socio-technical transitions within low- to zero-carbon energy and transportation systems. I use a combination of spatial analyses, geographic information sciences (GIS), and techno-economic models to answer questions such as:

  • What are the trade-offs between ecosystem services and ground-mounted utility-scale solar energy development?
  • What factors influence the adoption or non-adoption of electric vehicles?
  • What can the United States learn from European North Atlantic leaders in offshore wind energy in the development of their own offshore wind energy sector?
  • Are tree-trimming operations an effective means to increase overall grid resilience and reliability and what is the spatial persistence of these hardening techniques

I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Geography and a NSF-NRT Fellow with Team-TERRA at the University of Connecticut. Previously, I was at Central Michigan University where I earned my B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in GIS and Environmental Policy and Sustainability. I continued my time at Central Michigan University where I received my M.S. in GIS. I anticipate graduating with my PhD in Geography in the Spring of 2023. In my free time I enjoy reading, building LEGO, and spending time outside.


Image of Adam Gallaher